Kombinationskurs i vår nyheter från T-Lab:

Dermomine: Fibroblaster
Exomine: Exosomer

KRAV: Läkare eller sjuksköterska

Kursansvarig: Dr. Yaghoub Damani

Pris: 11 000kr ex mom 

KAMPANJ! 50% rabatt på Exomine och Dermomine kit vid beställning i samband med kurs

2 mars 2024. Start kl 11.00

30 mars 2024. Start kl 11.00

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T-LAB has been developing products in the field of regenera-tive medicine since 2012. More than 2 Million+ treatments have been performed with our PRP products; We are Türkiye’s leading PRP Kit manufacturer. T-LAB is always up to date with the latest innovations and adopts a people-orien-ted approach with improved patient outcome as the core of its philosophy, To that end it is closely involved in Regenera-tive medicine through its Foreign and Local partners, rein-forcing its status as a Global Firm and exporting to 70+ countries.

In addition, T-LAB has developed, keeps developing & improving the quality of the treatment that its devices offer through its PRP, PRF, Autologous Exosomes, Micrograft Regenerative Kit, Non-Enzymatic SVF Kit, Hydrogel Wound Dressing, and Liposomal Ozone based products. T-LAB always aims to go further in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

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