T-LAB’s Revolutionary New Product EXOMINE is Ready!

Aesthetics, Orthobiologics, and Therapeutics Wonder EXOMINE offers innovative solutions in Autologous Platelet Derived Exosomes Rich Plasma technology!

EXOMINE, developed by the innovative T-LAB R&D team in the field of regenerative medicine as a result of meticulous work, is ready to meet with the experts in the field within the first quarter of 2024. 


Exomine Kit stresses the platelets and trace amounts of other blood cells in the PRP, causing the secretion of billions of vesicles. At the same time, it activates platelets with its special protocol and devices, provides an autologous plasma rich in platelet-derived exosomes.

EXOMINE, a revolutionary product in aesthetics, orthobiologics, and therapeutics applications, aims to provide effective results in many areas such as skin regeneration, hair loss, spot treatments, joint and connective tissue treatments, and unclosed wounds.

In the field of aesthetics, EXOMINE stimulates the production of collagen and elastin required in the field of Skin Regeneration and thus contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, also developed for spot treatments; It supports rapid repair and regeneration in cases such as acne scars, sun spots and eczema, and also stops hair loss by nourishing the hairy tissue and improves hair quality by stimulating hair follicle stem cells.

In the field of Orthobiologics, Exomine is a powerful factor in the elimination of joint and connective tissue damages, plays a vital role in increasing synovial fluid, strengthening joint and connective tissue and repairing damages with its intercellular signalling and stimulating cells.

In the field of Therapeutics, Exomine Kit is used in most therapeutics and medicinal fields other than aesthetics and orthobiologics, is produced for patients to recover faster and continue their daily lives with its high exosome number and vitality. It is used in many therapeutic areas such as IVF, non-healing wounds, and jaw joint discomfort.

EXOMINE: Autologous System, Billions of Vesicles, Optimum Size, High Vitality 

In alignment with the research conducted by T-LAB’s proficient R&D team and experienced physicians in the field, EXOMINE, the Autologous Platelet Source Exosomes Rich Plasma kit, was launched. Over the course of approximately four years of research studies, Exomine has consistently demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness by obtaining necessary laboratory results, substantiating this claim repeatedly.

Autologous System EXOMINE!

T-LAB has developed and continues its ongoing research and development efforts to combine the reliability and professionalism of autologous systems. In line with this, T-LAB has undertaken efforts to make the EXOMINE product an autologous system. Consulting with expert physicians in the field, T-LAB has determined that an autologous system will be more reliable and effective. Consequently, T-LAB has introduced the EXOMINE product to its valued patients.

Billions of Vesicles, Optimum Size, High Vitality!

T-LAB has achieved billions of vesicles count through its completed and ongoing device and protocol studies, establishing the EXOMINE product at the forefront in the field by obtaining approximately 20 billion vesicles per mL.

The final product, the EXOMINE Kit, with an approximate volume of 5cc, offers patients 100 billion vesicles, representing the highest vesicle count among competing products in the field.

A high vesicle count does not mean everything, in order to classify the obtained vesicles as exosomes, it is necessary for their sizes to fall within the range of 80-120nm, undergo analysis with relevant CD markers, and exhibit high viability.

EXOMINE’s Technology: Hidden in Youth Cells! 

EXOMINE Kit stresses the platelets and other blood cells in the PRP, causing the secretion of billions of vesicles. By activating platelets with special protocols and devices, it provides an autologous plasma rich in platelet-derived exosomes. These exosomes contain components that play important roles in biological processes such as mRNA, miRNA, and protein.

Discover EXOMINE Technology!

Innovative PRX Tube Design and the state-of-the-art Microlyzer Blade Technology converge in the same product. 

T-LAB has developed EXOMINE technology, presenting a unique and effective approach. This innovation is merged with Microlyzer Blade Technology and Advanced PRX Tube.

Microlyzer Blade Technology:

Microlyzer 600μm triggers the secretion of billions of vesicles by acting on blood cells with its specially designed blades and unique structure. This unique technology puts the blood cells under a special stress so that the exosomes necessary for tissue regeneration are produced by the cells.

Advanced PRX Tube:

T-LAB’s expert R&D team has undertaken intensive efforts to enhance vesicle release from blood cells of specific dimensions and weights, as well as to mechanically activate platelet cells. As a result of these efforts, the patented Advanced PRX Tube with a unique design has emerged. With its specialized internal design, the tube facilitates the release of billions of vesicles from cells, activation of platelet cells, and cause other blood cells to sink to the bottom. This enhances the effectiveness of the regenerative process, allowing for more successful outcomes.

The EXOMINE Technology, combined with Microlyzer Blade Technology and the Advanced PRX Tube, is set to herald a breakthrough in autologous plasma applications enriched with platelet-derived exosomes. T-LAB’s leadership in the healthcare industry, coupled with the innovative solutions and continuously evolving technology inherent in the EXOMINE product, will open doors to more effective and efficient regenerative treatments as of the year 2024. 

T-LAB’s Regenerative Legacy and Breakthrough EXOMINE Technology 

Since 2012, T-LAB has played a pioneering role in the field of regenerative medicine and has performed over 2 million PRP applications worldwide. T-LAB, Türkiye’s leading PRP kit manufacturer, launched EXOMINE technology, which it developed with great enthusiasm and dedication, in the last quarter of 2023.Designed through meticulous research and development efforts in response to increasing demand, EXOMINE represents a groundbreaking milestone in the field of regenerative medicine. The product has undergone rigorous testing processes, ensuring its potential as a pivotal advancement in the realm of regenerative medicine.

The intensive R&D efforts conducted throughout the year, combined with the collaboration of experts in the field, have unveiled the impressive features of EXOMINE. Blending Microlyzer Blade Technology and Advanced PRX Tube has resulted in an innovative technology that embodies the undeniable quality of T-LAB. 

The completed testing phases have demonstrated that EXOMINE meets top-tier quality and performance standards. T-LAB has decided to announce this success on a global scale, with plans to introduce EXOMINE for use in the first quarter of 2024. 

EXOMINE’s seamless harmony with the Advanced PRP Kit, Non-Enzymatic SVF Kit, and other T-LAB products will provide healthcare professionals with a broad spectrum of usage advantages. 

By launching EXOMINE, T-LAB continues to pioneer a new era in PRP applications, offering solutions in the fields of aesthetics, orthobiologics, and therapeutics with its newly introduced product at the end of 2023. As the leading brand in the regenerative medicine in Türkiye, T-LAB once again merges innovation and quality with EXOMINE. With its innovative technologies and high-quality products, T-LAB will maintain its leadership in solutions for healthcare professionals and patients in 2024.